Trilobite - Modocia brevespina

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Scientic Name: Modocia brevespina

A real Fossil of a Trilobite from the Cambrian Period… Still in the Matrix!

It ain't a Megabyte, A Gigabyte or even a Terabyte, it is a Trilobite!

These ancient creatures once roamed the seas in a prolific way and became extinct.
Kinda like a cross between Pill Bug, a shrimp like crustacean or Horseshoe Crab.
Whatever it is, this fossil makes for a very quiet little pet that does absolutely no tricks!

Appears to be fossilized in Shale, originally from Marjum Pass, Utah!

The images are the exact Trilobite you will receive.
The Trilobite itself measures Around 1 1/8" in length,
the entire matrix measures 3 3/4" at it's longest length and
1 3/4" at it's widest!