Saxon Math Manipulatives - K-3

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to accompany Saxon Math K-3 This is the standard kit with the recommended supplies for Saxon Math grades K-3.

Primary Deluxe Balance x 1
*Removable clear buckets, 1 liter capacity, Standard and metric calibrations,
graduated measurement in cups, oz, ml or liter 2-Color
Counters x 15 Color Tiles - 4 Varied Colors (Plastic)
x 100 Dominoes set of 28
x 1 Set Geoboard with Bands
x 2 Hundred Number Chart (laminated)
x 1 Linking Cubes
x 100 each Pattern Blocks (plastic)
x 100 Rulers (12 inch/30 cm)
x 2 Student Clocks (Plastic)
x 2 Tangrams (Plastic) - 2 Puzzle Sets (7 pieces each)
Teddy Bear Counters 4 Colors (Plastic) 1-inch /4 gram x 48

CHOKING HAZARD- Small Parts and Not for children under 3 years.

NOTE:  This kit is prepared according to the requirements of the Saxon Math Program.

Frequently asked questions:
1. Are these supplies compatible with my Saxon K-3 math program?
- Yes, these are the same style products that are recommended in the books.
2. What Manipulatives are required?
- This list from Saxon Homeschool shows the required manipulatives for each grade

Manipulatives required by grade level :