A Real Book of Science Experiments

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A Real Book of Science Experiments

Written by Joseph Leeming.  Illustrated by Bette J. Davis.

This book is titled The Real Book Of Science Experiments,
(Exciting experiments that are fun to do with materials found in every home).
 Hardback with dust jacket.  First Book Club Edition published in 1954 by Garden City Books
as part of their Real Book series.  Previously Used, But Not Abused - Very good condition.

Now, if you actually studied from this book, well you are pretty much revealing your age!
Beautiful book with really nice experiments including: "How to make a wheel Roll Up Hill",
"How To Use Light To Make A coin Vanish", "How To Float Steel In Water" and
many more Thought Provoking Experiments!

Has Some Really Cool Vintage 1950 Graphics, throughout the book!