Complete Earthworm Dissection Kit

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Compete Earthworm Dissection Kit

Perfect for Elementary-High School Dissection Students
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High Quality Preserved Earthworm that has been prepared in the U.S.
Enclosed in a bag with a non-toxic holding solution. (Not Formaldehyde)

Fluid in the bag is normal and OK.
Store at room temperature in sealed bag.

Best if used within 9 months of purchase.

This is a complete set - INCLUDING SPECIMEN, GUIDE and TOOLS

Set includes:

  • Earthworm (Plain) - 1 each
  • Disposable Dissection Tray - 1 each
  • Earthworm Dissection Guide - 1 each

These well-illustrated guides are Intended to provide step-by-step instructions
for dissection of common laboratory specimens.

Classroom tested and proven to assist the student in a self-guided instruction.


  • Surgical Scalpel (disposable)
  • Dissecting Scissors
  • Straight Probe
  • Pointed Precision Forceps
  • Stabilizing Pins x 10
  • Cotton Tipped Applicator
  • Pipet (for flushing)

    * Tool style may vary slightly from photo

*After completion of your lab, wash the tools with hot, soapy water.
Dry completely and store for the next dissection lab.
Discard the specimen, tray and disposable items.

(regular household waste) - Non-toxic materials.