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Coming to a state near you!
A Total Solar Eclipse!

On August 21st 2017 you can experience this rare event!

If you Missed this total eclipse... Another one is expected to occur 2024, going from south to north through states like Texas, Arkansas, Indiana, Ohio Pennsylvania And New York!

If you have any photos of the eclipse of you and your family and friends viewing the eclipse and you want to share, feel free to email them to us if you would like see them appear on this page!

Download a complimentary PDF of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Tracking map created by NASA by clicking on the map image below!

It Makes A Great Commemorative of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse!



Learn Even More on the NASA Page!

You can also visit This NASA Page to learn more By Clicking on the Link Below,
Excellent Source For information on The Total Solar Eclipse and
to download additional material including important safety guidelines!



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