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Welcome Foundations and Challenge Directors to Mindful Kits!

  • Foundations Cycle 2 Weeks 13-18 Classroom Art Boxes!
  • Challenge Groups Apologia Physical Science!
  • Biology Dissection and Chemistry CO-OP Class Kits!

We've Begun Adding the CO-OP Kits!



Welcome To Mindful Kits - Creator of Awesome Science And Lab Kits!

We create complete, functional and tested lab kits for many different curricula. We are dedicated to helping teachers with their educational materials and supplies...

... One Mindful Kit at a time!

Sign up with an account today and shop for the items you may need for the summer and upcoming school year!

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We look forward to working with you to provide quality educational lab kits for your labs and your students!


Mindful Kits Providing Quality educational and Art supplies for homeschooling parents - Apologia science Kits and Labs


Middle School Advantage Sets